There has been no new thinking
in the design and technology of the classic desk light since it was invented in 1932.
These are all very 20th century analogue designs.
Time for change.

Printed-Light 3
The 21st century digital solution
June 2018

Skills and Services

The skills and services are: Inventions, Engineering, Technology and Design. Concept Design, Feasibility Studies, Usability Design, Interaction Design, Industrial and Product Design, Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, Styling, Graphic User Interface Design (GUI’s), Design for Manufacturing.

Mechanisms. Mechanical Engineering, Electro-mechanical, opto-electronics, technology and software development.

Models, Mock-ups, Ergonomic Test Rigs, Proof of Principle Prototypes, Test Rigs, Tear Downs, Prototypes, Prototype PCB’s, Harness Layouts, Rapid Prototypes, CNC fabrication and finishing, Immaculate Prototypes, Field Trial Samples, CE testing.

Production Engineering
3D CAD and Gerber, Production Engineering Drawings, Specifications, Materials, Finishes, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), Tool and Component Costings, BoM’s, Specifications, supplier DueDil.

Rapid Prototyping
SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), SLA (Sterolithography), 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting. CNC machining, fabrication and finishing.

Project Management
Turn-key New Product Development, Design Direction, and Design Project Management, Market Communications.

Design Studio, Model Shop, Conferencing, house CAD is Solidworks 2018, plus the usual ‘toys’.

Sign NDA, prepare Brief. Submit Quotation and Project Budget. Projects in Stages. Fixed Fees and Expenses per Stage. Expenses at cost to an agreed ceiling, plus VAT. PO required. IPR reverts to client on payment of all due fees, costs and VAT. Grants and tax breaks are available for some NPD projects.

This is the original concept study for Printed-Light 1.
Printed-Light 4 is, er, very different.