Printed-Light Mk2 ‘Keep it Simple’

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Printed-Light Mk1 ‘Form Follows Function’

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Warwick Evans Design produces one concept product per year. For example, ‘Eidetic’, ‘Tin Toy Racer’ or ’Printed-Light’. Usually they are an in-house project, sometimes a pro bono project done for a client.  

Printed-Light Mk1 ‘Form Follows Function’ is an in-house project designed and developed by Warwick Evans and Chris Cowdery. It uses Insulated Metal Sub-strate (IMS) technology which embeds circuits and surfaced mounted opto-electronic components onto an insulated aluminium sub-strate. This means a product can be produced requiring no expensive, energy hungry, moulded housings. Our ‘know how’ is unique: there are no moving parts, the IMS is structural, acts as a heat sink and can be formed into shape: table, floor or wall mounted light, one design, three products. 

Manufactured in Cambridge by Warwick Evans Design, Printed-Light Mk1 was launched in November 2014 on Kickstarter and sold out within two weeks. 

Printed-Light Mk2 ‘Keep it Simple’ is in development with new……………………… 

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