‘Lustor System’ for Enluse BV.

Decanting                 Re-circulating            Dispensing

Lustor System is the ‘go to’ engineering lubricant decanting, storage and dispensing system being adopted by large industrial plants, mills and factories.

New oils often contain contaminants as large as 20microns. To a bearing face this is like driving a car over rocks! These have to be filtered out before the oil is delivered to a bearing or gear box. Using a pneumatic (or electric) pump Lustor System decants the oil from drums, filters it and then stores it in a clean un-contaminated Tank. Before dispensing (via pump, meter and tap), it filters it again.
Lustor System is demonstrating how planned maintenance, clean Lube Rooms and up-skilling maintenance staff can show considerable cost savings on annual maintenance budgets. End users are up-scale steel, aluminium, paper, cardboard, cereal mills, petro-chemical plants, mining, aero-space and automotive users. Lustor System was launched in Dortmund in April 2016 at the annual Bearing Reliability Conference and Exhibition (BRCE) and we delivered over 60 systems in 2016. www.LustorSystem.com.

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